Her carried vocals together with this experimental, sometimes quite bare music are enchanting. The constructions she performs here are also completely unique and of a moving, goosebump-inducing, profound beauty. Saba delivers an overwhelming masterpiece.”

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L'Orient le jour

Nasri Sayegh | Oct 2023

"It’s nestled in the interval between the urgency of speaking and that of remaining silent or misspeaking that Youmna Saba engages in an intense, yet profoundly lovestruck, heart-to-body bond with her instrument".


Layla Raik | dec 2023

"The five-song composition feels like going in circles on the edge of an epiphany; a spiral in synthesised oud".


Pierre France | OCT 2023

"In Saba’s work, there is a concern for sound as a material that permeates everything, taking root everywhere".

A beautiful unease pervades the new release from Youmna Saba on Touch” - The Slow Music Movement

The Slow Music Movement, 2023

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